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Ship Electricity Group

Turkey is the country’s ports on three sides surrounded by the sea. For this reason and in parallel with the development of port services, “Ship Team”, which will provide technical service to the ships within our company, provides maintenance and service opportunities for ship electricity and control equipment (radar, sonar, etc.).

The Ship Team, which uses İskenderun Bay as the main, has active personnel in Istanbul and Antalya Regions and can also provide service to all ports in the country upon request. The Ship Team, which has the ability to solve any problems you face, especially the maintenance, repair, supply of spare parts and tests of all kinds of electrical and electronic systems related to the ship systems, provides service 24/7 to help you.

EYMEN Group is a company consisting of Electrical and Mechanical teams that can perform mechanical and electrical maintenance / repair of the ship. Our company performs on-site maintenance by providing service to the ships and also performs workshop maintenance. EYMEN Group also carries out turnkey new system assembly and upgrading projects. Under the EYMEN Automation and EYMEN Machinary companies within our group, we always have distinguished and experienced engineers, technicians and expert staff in their fields.

Our goal is to provide ships with high quality electrical and automation maintenance / repair services. EYMEN also keeps many critical materials in its stock in terms of ship electricity and mechanics.
The maintenance and repair service of ship electrical-electronic devices, maintenance of all devices on the bridge, repair of failures, system tests and mechanical system malfunctions, repairs and repairs are carried out by our company without brand addiction.
In addition, RADAR, ECHOSOUNDER, VDR, GPS, AUTOPILOT, SSB, MF / HF DSC, VHF RADIO, INMARSAT C, AIS, SSAS, MAGNETIC COMPASS, GMDSS, GYRO, MINI M and other electronic system maintenance are also performed.

Ship Electric Products

The general titles of the products we sell are as follows.

  • Radio
  • GPS and RADAR
  • Ship Type Cable, Spiral, Cable Lug, Glands
  • Ex-Proof Switch, Armature, Horn, Socket and Fittings
  • Pressure Switch, Transmitter
  • Solenoid Valves and Coils
  • Temperature Control Systems
  • Level Measurement and Control Devices


  • Alarm Systems
  • Indicators
  • Battery and Battery Controllers
  • Speakers and Amplifier Supplies
  • Lighting Products: Projector & Lamp & Flashlight
  • Digital Measuring Instruments
  • Professional Hand Tools

Our Service

  • Ship Electrical General Maintenance and Repair
  • Periodic and Predictive Maintenance Controls
  • Radar, Sonar and Warning Systems Maintenance / Repair
  • Revision and Renovation Works
  • Alarm Monitoring Systems
  • Hydraulic Control Systems
  • Communication Systems
  • Alternator Maintenance, Repair and Winding
  • Engine Control Board Maintenance and Repair
  • Electric Motor Maintenance, Repair and Winding
  • Maintenance and Repair of Boiler Systems
  • Automation System Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance and Repair of Cranes
  • Generator Control Systems Maintenance, Repair and Manufacturing
  • Main Machine Control Systems Maintenance and Repair
  • Main Power and Distribution Boards Maintenance and Repair
  • Measuring Instruments Test and Calibration (A, V, kW, etc.)
  • Electronic Card Repair
  • Bilge Seperator Repair, Test and Calibration
  • Maintenance and Repair of Fire Alarm Systems
  • Navigation Light Panel Maintenance Repair
  • Tank Overfill Alarm and Monitoring Systems
  • Repair of Temperature Display Systems
  • Maintenance and Repair of Lighting Systems
  • Bow Thruster Control Systems Maintenance and Repair
  • Bnwas Alarm System Installation and Repair
  • Rudder and Pitch Control System Fault Repairs
  • PC and PLC Alarm and Monitoring Systems
  • Electrical Fault Detection
  • BNWASS System
  • MEGGER Tests
  • Ambar Fire Alarm System Repair and New System Installation
  • Cargo Tank Temperature Systems Repair and New System Installations
  • Tank Radar and Level Master System Repair and New System Installations
  • Cargo Tank Secondary PV System Repair and New System Installation
  • Pump Bed Temperature System Repair and New System Installation
  • Pneumatic Systems

Our Maintenance Practices

  • Alternator Maintenance, Repair And Winding
  • Alternator Dismantling Process
  • Rotor Removal
  • Alternator Winding
  • Megger Test
    (*) Rotor and stator megger isolation tests are taken in detail before and after cleaning, and post-processing evaluations are made.

Electrical Motors' Control Board Maintenance and Repair

  • Designing, assembly and testing of starter control panels of Electric Motors,
  • Detection and resolution of faults in the control and motor starter panels,
  • The switchgear materials used in all of our panels consist of products with international quality standards, produced by companies worldwide and easy to supply.

Electric Motor Maintenance, Repair and Re-Winding

All electrical motors need regular maintenance, cleaning and renewal of their bearings, even if they are not faulty or burnt.

We can disassemble the electric motors both on board and in our workshop, and make maintenance, cleaning and controls.

Some of the standard works applied are as follows.

  • Motor isolation (megger) measurement
  • Cleaning stator windings with chemical liquid and getting rid of it by baking
  • Rotor dismantling and balancing process
  • Bearing replacement
  • Bearing bearing clearance / relaxation check, repair if necessary
  • Rewinding of electric motors detected as burnt

Maintenance and Repair of Boiler Systems

  • Detection and repair of boiler ignition faults
  • Automatic water level control systems
  • Boiler hot well automation
  • Thermal oil type boiler systems
  • Supply of boiler brains or its counterpart to the system by revision
  • Monitoring of fuel pumps, injectors and solenoid valve failures and their solutions
  • Examination of PLC controlled new model boiler malfunctions and elimination of malfunctions
  • Design and applications of boiler control system upon request
  • Testing boiler safety systems and repairing their faults (Low water level, high pressure, stop from no flame failures, low circulation, etc.)

Automation System Maintenance and Failure Elimination

  • Malfunction repairs of the main machine control, alarm, safety and monitoring system
  • Main and auxiliary D / G systems maintenance and repair
  • Oilmist detector system maintenance, repair and tests
  • Repair of faults in pressure, temperature, speed and voltage control monitoring systems and supply of spare parts

Maintenance and Repair of Cranes

  • Control system malfunctions
  • Adjusting crane working speed
  • Maintenance and repair of engines
  • Malfunctioning of PLC controlled new model crane systems
  • New control panel design
  • Supply of spare parts (sensor, limit switch, contactor etc.)

Main Machine Control Systems Maintenance, Repair

Main machine control systems malfunctions are examined and repaired. The systems can be pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical or electrical controlled. Some machines consist of a combination of all systems. Main machine start failures, inability to start, safety stop, emergency stop, etc. are dealt with many failures, repairs are made and brought into operation.

Our company examines all host alarms one by one, creates alarm conditions and prepares reports by making tests. The faults encountered are quickly resolved, the electronic alarm cards are repaired and the faulty sensors are renewed.

  • Overspeed alarm
  • Oil pressure alarm
  • Cooling water alarm
  • When the turning wheel is connected
  • Fuel leak alarm
  • Oil Leak (Oilmist) alarm
  • Exhaust temperature alarm

Main Power and Distribution Boards Maintenance and Repair

  • Main switchboard malfunctions are resolved by examining.
  • Main switchboard is cleaned by washing with dry air and chemical liquid.
  • Looseness checks of all fasteners (screws, nuts) are performed to prevent possible heating and malfunctions.
  • The generator switches on the Main Switchboard are dismantled and maintained, their contacts are cleaned, and test reports are prepared by applying overcurrent tripping tests.
  • All measuring instruments and indicators on the Main Switchboard are disassembled and taken to our workshop, and test and calibration are done with test devices and test reports are prepared.
  • Faulty measuring instruments are renewed or repaired.
  • Revision projects are prepared and implemented for the Main Switchboard by making additions and changes if needed.

Measuring Instruments Test and Calibration (A, V, kW, etc.)

  • Ammeter
  • Voltmeter
  • kW meter
  • Frequency meter
  • Thermometer

Electronic Card Repair

Some of the electronic cards we repair are as listed below.

  • Alarm cards
  • Crane control cards
  • Maintenance and repair of battery charger cards
  • Generator AVR cards
  • Host control system boards
  • Driver Cards

Maintenance and Repair of Fire Alarm Systems

  • Elimination of fire alarm system panel and card malfunctions
  • Renewal of detectors when necessary
  • Solution of fake alarm malfunctions
  • Additional detector line shooting, assembly and testing
  • Testing of detectors in the fire alarm system

Generator Control Systems

  • Generator alarm malfunctions / new alarm system installation
  • Overspeed systems maintenance and repair, system design
  • Remote control systems maintenance and repair, system design
  • Elimination of malfunctions in govarnator control system
  • Analogue (Pressure, Speed, Temperature etc.) measurement with PLC supported panels
  • Elimination of active and reactive power sharing failures
  • AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) installation and commissioning
  • Synchronization and parallel operation troubleshooting
  • Solving overcurrent and reverse current faults

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