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Statement No. 6698 on protection of personal information would like to show you the following points:

  • What kind of data they collect on the website, how they are collected and who can share your evidence with a EYMEN company
  • What are your rights in the EYMEN site data and how you can use these rights,
  • How to change your positive or negative preferences about receiving commercial electronic messages

A. Can we save your personal data as a EYMEN site?

Statement No. 6698 In the protection of personal information (“KVKK”) we save some of your data so that we can perform the services we provide you to determine the purposes and means of personal data preservation, because of our responsibility for the establishment and management of data recording system under the law of personal data preservation KVKK we have some responsibilities and duties about So.

Due to our responsibility For your data, your consent or within Article 2/5 regarding the preservation of personal information, if any human and personal exceptions we respect personal laws.

B. What personal data have we saved?
We maintain your personal data in accordance with international regulations and in order to provide the best services to you to carry out, conduct and communicate with you about requests, to provide you with information, services and promotions, conduct statistical analyzes related to your shopping preferences

  • Statement No. 5651 Law on Organizing Publications Online Which relates to combating the crimes committed by these publications
  • Statement No. 6563 Law on the regulation of electronic commerce
  • Statement No. 5237 Turkish Penal Code
  • Statement No. 6698 Protection of personal information and secondary legislation of relevant laws In order to fulfill our legal obligations we maintain or request the name, surname, e-mail, mobile number, nationality, date of birth, identity number, You will then be a member of our website.

With the exception of these data, we collect the information, the percentage of the site visit and time, the time of request and the IP address at the time of request, the shopping record and the payment method for understanding customer movements and preferences

In order to benefit from the services we provide on this site, we process the legitimate data required for our personal benefit,
provided that they are directly related to the establishment of the contract or its execution with you or to infringe on your basic rights and freedoms

According to the Personal Data Protection Act, we process and maintain appropriate information security procedures Provided that they are not used outside the scope and purpose defined by the information.

Some of the data we have collected in the database, organize periodic reductions at regular intervals, special promotional activities for customer shops 
And not to send unwanted e-mails in accordance with the legal regulations.

To provide personal data and service, we cooperate with third parties such as shipping companies and the like, and we can share this information with government authorities in accordance with our legal obligations.

Your personal data and information about your visit to the EYMEN site, to protect you and in accordance with the law of the site, we are able to give your information to the relevant government departments. However, we will not use your personal data for any commercial purpose or share it with third parties except as required by the above activities and the applicable legislation.

C. What are your rights and obligations about your personal data?
Your rights are in Article 11 of the Personal Data Protection Act KVKK  As follows ;
As the owner of personal data,

  • See if your personal data is processed or not,
  • Request personal information If your personal information is processed,
  • The purpose of processing your personal data and learning if used properly,
  • Knowing third parties where your personal data is transferred inside or outside the country,
  • If your personal information is incomplete or incorrect, you are entitled to ask them to correct your personal data,
  • Although it has been processed in accordance with other provisions related to the KVKK,
  • Request to delete or destroy your personal data if the reasons for processing have been terminated and request that the transaction in this domain be communicated to third parties where your personal data is transferred,
  • Objection to the emergence of a result against the individual through analysis of data processed exclusively through automated systems,
  • You have the right to claim compensation in case of illegal processing of your personal data.

D. How long is your personal data stored?
In accordance with the Regulation of Electronic Commerce Act No. 6563; Consent records recovered one year from this date retain the contents of the commercial e-mail and any other records relating to the shipment for a period of three years to be submitted to the competent ministry if necessary. After the deadline, your personal data will be deleted or made anonymous by our company or at your request.

E. What are our obligations to protect your personal data such as the E-EYMEN  site?
Because we do not process personal data as a data administrator, we have a number of obligations under the KVKK and other legislation.
In the event that the relevant obligations are given under the headings, we have an obligation to register in the following data control record;

  • Commitment to giving information,
  • Compliance with reporting,
  • Commitment to ensure data security

F. Commercial e-mail Authorization

In order to provide a variety of advertisements about the products and services provided by EYMEN, we will contact you via e-mail addresses (SMS, e-mail) obtained from our website
In this context, if you request a commercial email to be sent to you.
To get a subscription to our site if you do not agree as a member, at any time, you must inform us by mail, telephone or using contact form. As a EYMEN  site, we would like to remind you that you have the right to inform us not to inform you.
About campaigns and ads via a commercial email without any justification and terminate the delivery of any shipment or message.

G. The Changes
Our Company reserves the right to make any changes that may be necessary in privacy, the use of personal data storage, use of the Site, products, services, opportunities to be provided to campaign members and the like;
 These changes must be effective from the time they are announced by the site or other appropriate methods.

H. Track log
Track log are files created by the websites you visit. Cookies store browsing information,
Such as location preferences or profile information. Cookies are downloaded through your web browser when you visit the site and are stored on the device you have entered on the site. Cookies are necessary to make your scans easier during your visit and do not cause any damage to your device.

Company Informations:

EYMEN OTOMASYON Elektrik Mühendislik İthalat İhracat Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi

Address                              : Dumlupınar Mah. Sanayi Sitesi 310 Sok. No: 1 31300 İskenderun – Hatay

Phone                                 : 0326 616 1510

Tax Administration          : Asım Gündüz

Tax Identification No      : 383 042 0188

Mersis No                          : 0383 0420 1880 0018

DUNS No                           : 595778845

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