Tecfluid S.A. are a company that design and manufacture flow (flowmeters) and level measurement equipment with more than 40 years of experience.

Spain company is flow meter, flow measurement and control, magnetic flowmeters, diaphragm level switches, vibration level switches, plastic tube rotameters, vortex flowmeters, target flowmeters, flow measurement and control, magnegnical level measurement and control, flowswitches, flow switches, turbine specializes in type flowmeters, exprof flowmeters and flow measurement control, flow and level control.

Product Groups


Flowmeters for low u0026amp; high flows of gas and liquid. Compact construction and small size, recommended for control panels. Easy installation.  Precision flow adjustment feature.

Control panels, pilot plants, measurement and control on machinery, water purification (osmosis), control of gas burners, industrial and process refrigeration, treatment ovens.

Level Measurement

Flexible, multi-choice, solution-oriented contact and non-contact level measurement transmitters, level switches that you can use to measure the level of all types of fluids and receive signals for your facility.

Level control in storage tanks of chemical and petrochemical products, treated water, waste water, rainwater,… And food products. Level control in storage silos of powder, granular products,…
Flow measurement in open channels, in combination with the electromagnetic sensor series. Control of paper, cardboard, steel and plastic reels. Level control in intermediate tanks for processes such as pumps start-stop, valve opening-closing, etc.


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