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When the task at hand is the measuring, controlling and regulating of processes, we provide you precisely the suitable technology. At our Center of Competence Martens in Barsbüttel, near Hamburg, we develop and produce robust and reliable components for the demanding process and industrial technology. In this regard the seal of quality “Made in Germany” not only characterizes the quality of our technical solutions, it equally stands for the innovative strength of our company. There is a good reason why the delivery and manufacturing program ranges from digital indicators, to measuring transducers and evaluating devices, and extends to sensors – the entire spectrum of modern analysis and industrial measuring technology. We satisfy customer-specific requirements with especially adapted devices. The resulting versatility of our products is reflected in a broad range of applications: From building technology and plant engineering to the food industry, our products measure, control and regulate countless technical processes. Virtually any physical variable can be measured, recorded and evaluated. And one significant variable can be materially felt: The quality. We consider care to be the most important additional matter, of which our products are manufactured.

Product Groups

Safety temperature limiter Safety-TL4896

The STL4896 safety temperature limiter is used wherever thermal processes are monitored and the system has to be brought into a safe operating state in the event of a fault. If the permissible temperature limit is reached or an error occurs in the monitoring device within the permissible temperature range (sensor break, sensor short circuit, component failure in the device, software error, failure or impermissible auxiliary voltage value, etc.), the STL4896 switches off without delay. The alarm contact is activated, the LED ALARM on the front and the background lighting of the display light up, the cause of the error is shown in plain text on the display. In addition, a 24 V DC signal is present at terminals 16-17 for an external alarm message.
Alternatively, the device can be reset via an external contact. In addition, the STL4896 has a programmable analog output with up or down scaling function, as well as a pre-contact.

GHM-ONE Multifunction Unit

Mini PLC for your automation

The GHM-ONE multifunction unit fulfils your ideas for process automation effectively and without any special programming skills – compact, modular and durable hardware. The GHM-CAT engineering tool aids in creation of custom and intuitive software solutions for your applications. Direct communication takes place via field bus and Ethernet networks.

Transmitter DMS50

The DMS50 converts the output signal of standard strain gauges (DMS measuring bridges) into a standard signal 0/4..20 mA or 0/2..10 DC. The bridge supply and an external control input for the tare function are integrated.
If several strain gauges are required in an application, these must be connected parallel. The bridge current must not exceed 120 mA in this case. Where appropriate, a SBB1616 measuring amplifier is to be interposed for a feed current up to 200 mA.

  • Weight – Force – Pressure – Torque with DMS-strain gauges
  • Bridge sensitivity 0.100..5.000 mV/V
  • Teach-in function
  • Tare function
  • Min- and Max peak storage (not voltage safe)
  • Integrated bridge supply 2.5 V, 5 V, 10 V max. 120 mA
  • Bus-interface Modbus / Profibus

Temperature Guard TG50

The Temperature-Guard TG50 has inputs for temperature probes RTD (Pt100/Pt1000) and thermocouple J, K, N and S. Simple rogramming, up to 4 alarm outputs (SPDT) and an available fully isolated free programmable analog output 0/4..20 mA; 0/2..10 V DC offers a lot of solutions for temperature monitoring. Peak value indication for minimum and maximum measured temperature are stored in the background and can be read out from the display at any time.

Universal Isolating Amplifier TV125M

Isolation amplifiers of series TV/ST125M are suitable for potential separation or to convert the standard signals. The universal design of inputs and outputs, and the internal power supply with widerange power supply enable a wide spectrum of applications with only one type of device.

  • Standard inputs and outputs with adjustment function
  • Safe electrical isolation between input / output / power supply by reinforced insulation in accordance to DIN EN 61010-1
  • Functional safety to EN61508 SIL2
  • Input intrinsically safe for the connection of sensors in the Ex-zone 0 and 20 possible
  • Equipment installation in ex-zone 2
  • Wide range power supply for AC and DC supply
  • Power rail supply
  • Output accuracy < 0.2% of full scale
  • Operating display and status messages bi-color LED
  • Configuration via front panel dip switches
  • Coded Plug-in terminal blocks
  • Small design, width 12.5 mm
  • Mounting rail TS 35 and EN60715

Conductivity Converter UNICON®-LF

The Conductivity Converter UNICON-LF has been designed for the measurement of conductivity, as a degree of the purity or concentration of a liquid. In connection with 4-electrode-conductivity cells a high accuracy and insensitivity of contamination can be achieved. A further advantage is a broad range of application with only one cell. Only for measurement in ultra-pure water a special 2-electrode conductivity cell must be used.

Clamp-on Temperature Sensor GTL737

Clamp-on temperature sensor GTL737 is specified to measure temperatures without media contact.
The measuring tip is directly located at the pipe wall and will be fixed by the clamp-on adapter on the pipe. This measuring process provides a high accuracy and a fast response time, which is often better than a measuring principle with media contact.

  • Simple mounting via clamp-on adapter
  • Process connection without media contact
  • High accuracy even without thermal compound
  • Fast response time
  • Replacing/cleaning of the sensor without process interruption
  • Pt100 sensor with integrated transmitter
  • Transmitter programmable via GTL Configuration tool or buttons
  • LCD on-site display, background illumination
  • Output 4..20 mA, 2-wire connection

Turbidimeters MAT433

The turbidimeters MAT433 and MAT437 are used for phase detection in food and beverage industry. The absorption measurement principle according to EN ISO 27027 is designed to measure very high turbiditys. The turbidity is output as a percentage of the maximum measurement value. This value can be converted with an integrated conversion table into material-specific concentrations or into the formazine based unit FAU.

  • Wide measuring range for scanning high turbidity level
  • Absorption turbidity measurement according to EN ISO 27027
  • 2 switch outputs, function programmable
  • Analog output 0/4..20 mA
  • Parametrization via GHMware and internal mini USB interface
  • Wide view LED status display (MAT433)
  • Graphic LC-Display with capacitive buttons (MAT437)


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