LAM Technologies

LAM Technologies is an Italian manufacturer of components for industrial automation in the market for over 20 years and leader in the motion control field.

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Constant attention to the customer needs and continuous technological innovation have created a range of high performance products at competitive costs that are widely used in many market segments.

We sell annually tens of thousands of devices installed worldwide by the major companies operating in the packaging, woodworking, food processing, paper and CNC machine, textile, etc..

Product Groups

Stepper Drives

For more than 25 years we have been producing highly innovative and competitive drives for stepper motors.
The wide models range allows to cover a wide variety of applications for both the features and the power provided.
We offer products controllable by the traditional step and direction control signals, programmable and commanded by the fieldbus control system.

Stepper Motors

A wide range of stepper motors available from stock characterized by high torque, compact size and competitive price.
LAM Technologies offers high quality stepper motors in combination with its drives to provide a modern and performing motion control solution.

Stepper Driver Power Supply

LAM Technologies is also manufacturer of unregulated, linear and switching power supplies.
Featuring high reliability, with compact size and low cost, they represent an effective solution to supply small and medium power devices.

CNV30 Serial Converter

The industrial serial converters and the line extenders manufactured by LAM Technologies are widely used in industrial plants.
The product range is realized in digital technology and ensures reliability and repeatability in the results.


As an integration to its production LAM Technologies offers a series of tool kits and software applications for the configuration and diagnostic of its own products.
Some programs are free and registered users can download them directly from the site.

LAM Technologies Turkey Distributor is “EYMEN AUTOMATION“.

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