Level Control Equipments, Flexible Metal Hoses, Expansion Joints, Valves, Sprinkler Connection Hoses that we produce and sell in this regard; are being preferred in numerous industries from the defence industry and shipping industries to industrial applications and the chemical industries due to the advantages we provide regarding the quality of our products, stability of our prices and delivery times.

As a company which provides direction and information to its customers regarding our products, as a company that provides economical solutions, provides engineering services and aims to solve its customers’ problems; the industry’s demands have led us to keep up with technological advances and innovations, expand our product range and to provide competitive prices to the country’s economy.

Product Groups

Automation Level Control Equipments

The magnetic type level indicator is used to continuously measure, monitor and display fluid levels.

With MLG30 Analog Output Level Controller, level information can be monitored as “Percent”, “Volumetric”, “Mass” or “Distance” from LS30 Controller. It can transfer level information to automation system with 0-10V or 4-20mA analog output. 3 different devices can be operated with 3 relay outputs.

Magnetic Level Gauges

The magnetic type level indicator is used to continuously measure, monitor and display fluid levels.

Contact information can be obtained at desired points by means of limit switches to be attached to the indicator. There are percentage, volume or length values according to the tank or tank detail to be measured on the scale. Dry contact can be taken from the desired points with PS series limit switches to the scale model.

Magnetic Level Switches

It is used for level measurement of all tanks. It has wide usage area with side mounting, wide pressure and temperature range, complete stainless contact surface. These are the devices that provide “Normally Open” and “Normally Closed” dry contacts at the desired points for level change without an external supply source.

Magnetic Level Control Equipments

The signal received from the Magnetic Float Level Controller is transferred to the LS30 Digital Controller and the level change can be monitored as percentage, volume, mass or distance. Level information can be transferred to PLC or automation system with 0-10V or 4-20mA analog output from LS30 Digital Controller. In addition, it is possible to receive dry contact with 3 relay outputs on the controller. In this way, engine – pump, valve or warning systems that can control the system can be controlled. It is also possible to monitor the level information with the LS30 Analog Display.

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