Our products measure and monitor flow, level, pressure and temperature. Hereby we convince the market in many branches and applications: Spanning from wastewater treatment plants to diesel engines, hardening facilities, compressors and construction machines to machine tools, paper and print machines, to cooling systems. In all those branches and applications customers rely on our quality products. To satisfy the high diversity of requirements we develop tailored solutions for our customer-specific applications in our own research and development department. We manufacture our measuring products in accordance with the highest quality standards in our own production facility in Remscheid. There are good reasons why high-quality workmanship, the best materials and constantly high measuring accuracy are amongst the virtues of our measuring devices and likewise durability and robustness in aggressive environment. It is precisely the harsh conditions at the point of use of our customers that our quality instruments must withstand sustainably. After all, this is exactly what we have developed, manufactured and tested them for.

Product Groups

Flow Switch HD1F

High switching power and Compact design

Mechanical flow switch, for fluid or gaseous media, with spring-supported piston and magnetic triggering of a reed switch. Robust construction in brass or stainless steel. 

For switching ranges, the details in the table correspond to horizontal inwards flow and decreasing flow rate; for display ranges they correspond to horizontal inwards flow and increasing flow rate.

Capacitive Level Transmitter

  • Developed for oil sumps with highly disturbed level of fill
  • No moving parts
  • Automatic recognition of different types of oil via reference capacitance
  • Temperature control can be integrated
  • Switching output (push-pull) and analog output (4..20 mA or 0..10 V)
  • Parameters can be programmed in order to achieve best possible adaptation to the application
  • Simple installation
  • Compact size
  • Bracket and straight formes, 

Flow Transmitter / Switch OMNI-F

    • Flow indicator for industrial use, without moving parts
    • Short response times for a calorimetric sensor
    • Medium comes into contact with only one material
    • Analog output 4..20 mA or 0..10 V
    • Two programmable switches (push-pull)
    • Graphical LCD display, backlit (transreflective), can be read in sunlight and in the dark
    • Programmable parameters via rotatable, removable ring (programming protection)
    • Full metal housing with non-scratch, chemically resistant glass
    • Rotatable electronic head for best reading position
    • Small, compact construction
    • Simple installation

Flow Transmitter RRI

  • Uncomplicated measurement of flow rates
  • No magnets; uses inductive sensor
  • Long working life thanks to high quality ceramic axis and special plastic bearing
  • Run-in and run-out sections are not necessary.
  • Modular construction with various connection systems
  • Plug-in and rotatable connections
  • Output signal PNP or NPN
  • Intrinsically safe behaviour
  • Optionally, non-return valve, filter, constant flow rate device in the connections

Flow Switch UB1

  • Can be used from nominal width DN 25..200
  • Micro switch with gold-plating for small currents, and silver-plating for larger currents
  • Visual function control through transparent cover
  • Suitable for media with ferritic particles.

Flow Switch VD-…GR

The devices function via the principle of a paddle supported by a metal bellows, and the triggering of a microswitch.

  • Highly reproducible
  • Precise, stepless adjustment of the switching value
  • Insensitive to dirt
  • Short installation length

Flow Transmitter VHZ

The VHZ gearwheel flow meter measures the flow by a volumetric principle, in which a pair of gearwheels is moved proportional to the flow rate. The movement of the gearwheels is measured through the enclosing housing wall by a sensor. The devices are suitable for viscous, fluid, self-lubricating media, as well as for aqueous fluids such as soaps, pasts, emulsions etc. which have a non-abrasive character. Because of the volumetric functioning principle, the devices are almost completely independent of viscosity.

  • Ideally suited for viscous media (oils)
  • Light and compact construction in an aluminium housing
  • For cost-sensitive applications

Flow Indicator WR1

Mechanical flow indicator, for fluid media, with rotor for quantitative flow display. The rotor turns in proportion to the flow. Robust construction in brass or stainless steel.

  • Internal wiper provides ability to clean the glass without removing the device.
  • Sliding bearing made from PEEK for liquids, or grease-free ball bearing for air and gases
  • Rotor visible from 360


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