Elimko Co. Ltd. is a leading organization in AUTOMATIC CONTROL. Products are such as Electronic Indicating controllers, Thermocouples, Resistance Thermometers, various kinds of sensors, belt weighers, dosing belts, other weighing equipments etc.

With its 8500 sq m complex, Elimko brings together a comprehensive design, development and manufacturing facilities for industrial process control products since 1976.

Elimko also has a qualified experienced team of engineers to install complete “Turn-key” computer controlled systems for industrial companies.

Product Groups

Electronic Instruments

Electronic Devices Digital Display Controllers, Time Relays / Counters / Rpm Devices, Scanners, Signal Converters, Recording and Control Devices, Flow Devices, Moisture Devices, Weighing / Weight Converters and Indicators, Vibrator Drives and Thyristor Drives. offers. Control devices; They are industrial devices in various sizes, in open / closed and PID control forms, designed using advanced new generation microcontrollers, in accordance with IEC 668 norms.

In the measurement and control of temperature, pressure, level, speed, current, voltage, resistance and other physical units in all areas of the industry; It is used in Plastic, Iron Steel, Chemistry, Metallurgy, Petro-Chemistry, Refineries, Food, Cement, Ceramics, Glass and other industries.

Industrial Computers

E-TB-10 Textile Computer; E-AC-10-HB Blending Computer; E-AC-10-OKB Autoclave Computer; E-AC-10-CRS Coriolis Scale Computer; E-AC-10-BKB Belt Scale Computer; E-AC-10-DBK Dosing Belt Scale Computer; E-AC-10-ÇPK Impact Plate Scale Computer; E-AC-10-CB Digital Display Weight Convertor; E-BSB-10 Concrete Plant Computer; E-AC-10-TKB Bagging Scale Computer; E-AC-10-T / E-200-TP Peak Value Measuring Device


Temperature measurements have become an increasingly important issue. Temperature is a fundamental topic related to physics. It is an important variable to be measured as it is a parameter that affects a wide variety of physical properties. There are a variety of methods for temperature measurement. Among these, one of the most used sensors in the electronics world is thermocouple. thermocouples
Measurements can be made from -200 ° C to + 2320 ° C.

Straight Type Thermocouples; L Type Thermocouples; Inset and Inset Thermocouples; Portable Type Thermocouples; Exhaust and Other Type Thermocouples; Bayonet Type Thermocouples; Mineral Insulated Thermocouples

Resistance Thermometers

Resistance Thermometers are used widely from -200 to +850°C in different processes. Especially at low temperatures, resistance thermometers are preferred since their accuracy is much better than thermocouples. Up to 500°C standard types and between500 – 850°C special types are used. The maximum temperatures given in the catalogue are in the air where there are not hazardous gases.

In different processes, the life of the resistance thermometer will be different according to the corrosive media.
The application for the resistance thermometers,• Tanks, pipes and engines, etc• In gaseous or liquid media, such as air, vapour, gases, water, oil etc..• Low and high pressure applications• Surface measurements


Thermowells are protecting tubes which are manufactured by solid bar stock or pipe material to protect thermocouples,resistance thermometers and other temperature sensors. Especially, they are used widely in critical applications where pressure, viscous, fluid velocity, chemical and mechanical corrosive abrasive materials are present individually or in combination.

A properly selected thermowell will protect the temperature sensor from possible damage resulting from these process variables. A thermowell permits removal of the temperature sensors for replacement, repair or testing without effecting the process or system.

TW/W Weld-in Socketed Type Thermowells; TW/V Vanstone Flanged Type Thermowells; TW/F Flanged Type Thermowells; TW/WI Weld-in Type Thermowell; TW/T Threaded Type Thermowells

Weighing Equipments

The information on this page consists of short form catalogue of our weighing equipments. For detailed information please click “WEIGHING EQUIPMENTS”  to go to the “System” department’s page.

Belt Scales u0026amp; Weighing Belt Conveyors; Heavy Duty Belt Weigh Feeders; Light Weigh Feeders; Apron Weigh Feeder; Coriolis Type Flow Meter and Weigh Feeder; Dossier Valve; Impact Flow Meter; Loss In Weight Feeder; Fill-Discharge Scale; Check Weigher and Seperation System; Big Bag Filling Machine; Sampling Systems; Pneumatic Transporter – Denseveyor; Wool Winding and Wrapping System


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