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In no other area can the collected data take on such grave importance as in the field of environmental measuring technology. Delta OHM specialists dedicate themselves with a top-quality product portfolio and with the appropriate scientific expertise to drive the development of sustainable metrological components forward every day. The entire spectrum extends from individual measuring devices for acquisition and evaluation of light, acoustics and vibration to completely equipped climate stations and environmental and weather stations.

Product Groups

HD2402 Incoherent Optical Radiation Monitoring

The HD2402 is a portable photo-radiometer data logger for the measurement of noncoherent optical radiation in compliance with the European Directive 2006/25/EC and the legislative decree n. 81 of April 9th 2008.
The instrument is equipped with a series of sensors to cover different spectral portions and a small laser suitable to indicate the analyzed source.
The various sensors work in the following spectral ranges:

  • Photometric sensor for measuring illuminance (lux meter) in the spectral range 380…780 nm.
  • Radiometric sensor for the UV band (220…400 nm) with spectral weighting factor S(λ).
  • Radiometric sensor for UVA band (315…400 nm).
  • Radiometric sensor for the band 400…700 nm (blue) with spectral weighting factor B (λ).
  • Radiometric sensor for the IR band (700…1300 nm) with spectral weighting factor R(λ).
  • Thermopile sensor for the measurement of irradiance in the infrared spectral range 400…2800 nm.

HD2102.1 AND HD2102.2 Photo-Radiometers

The HD2102.1 and HD2102.2 are portable instruments with a large LCD display. They measure illuminance, luminance, par and irradiance (across VIS-NIR, UVA, UVB and UVC spectral regions or measurement of irradiance effective according to the UV action curve).
The probes are equipped with the SICRAM automatic detection module: in addition to detection, this unit of measurement selection is also automatic. The factory calibration data are already stored inside the instruments. In addition to instantaneous measurement the instruments calculate the acquired measurements time integral Q(t). Some thresholds can be associated with the integrated measurement and with the integration time, which can be set in the menu.
When exceeded these thresholds cause the instrument to stop the integral calculation. The HD2102.2 instrument is a datalogger. It stores up to 38,000 samples with a one-channel probe and up to 14,000 samples with combined probes. The instruments have IP66 protection degree.

Second Class Pyranometers

Delta Ohm manufactures First Class LP PYRA 02 and LP PYRA 12 and Second Class LP PYRA 03 pyranometers which fully comply with ISO 9060 standards, and meet the requirements defined by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). These are strong and reliable instruments, especially designed to be used under all weather conditions. They are suitable for installation on the field.

Recommended use: atmospheric research, weather stations, climatology, energy saving research, productive efficiency test of photovoltaic plants, etc…

IAQ Indoor Air Quality Measurement

HD21AB and HD21AB17 IAQ Monitors are bench-top/portable instruments manufactured by Delta Ohm for the analysis of indoor air quality (IAQ, Indoor Air Quality).
The instruments simultaneously measure the parameters:

  • Carbon Dioxide CO2
  • Carbon Monoxide CO
  • Atmospheric Pressure

The HD21AB17 instrument also measures:

  • Temperature
  • Relative Humidity

and it calculates:

  • Dew Point
  • Wet Bulb Temperature
  • Absolute Humidity
  • Mixing Ratio
  • Enthalpy

Multiparameter Instrument

The HD 98569 is a portable multi-parameter data logger for electrochemical measures: pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and temperature. It is fi tted with a large back-lighted LCD display.
The instrument measures:

  • pH, mV, redox potential (ORP) with pH, redox or combined pH/temperature electrodes complete with SICRAM module;
  • Conductivity, resistivity in liquids, total dissolved solids (TDS), and salinity with combined 4-ring and 2-ring conductivity and temperature probes with SICRAM module.
  • Concentration of dissolved oxygen in liquids (in mg/l), saturation index (in %) using SICRAM combined probes of polarographic type with two or three electrodes or galvanic type, with integrated temperature sensor.

2 Axes Ultrasonic Anemometers

The instruments of the series HD52.3D… are 2 axes ultrasonic static anemometers for measuring:

  • Wind speed and direction, U-V Cartesian components of eind speed,
  • Relative Humidity and Temperature,
  • Diffuse Solar Radiation,
  • Barometric pressure.

All models are equipped with compass.
RS232, RS485, RS422 and SDI-12 serial interface are available with NEMA, MODBUS-RTU and SDI-12 communication protocols.
All versions have two analogical outputs, both for wind speed and for direction, factory configurable among 4-20mA ( Standard), 0-1V, 0-5V, 0-10V (to be specified when ordering).
Optionally available (ACCREDIA) ILAC-MRA traceable factory calibration.

Diffential Pressure Measurement

The series of HD404T transmitters is able to measure relative pressures with reference to the atmosphere or differential in the range:

  • From 50 to 1000 Pa (from 0.2” H2O to 4” H2O) for the versions with analog output;
  • 250 Pa / 1000 Pa / 100 mbar for the versions with RS485 Modbus-RTU output.

HD404T transmitters use a silicon “micro-machined” type sensor compensated in temperature that has an excellent linearity, repeatability and stability over time.
The output signal from the sensor is amplified and converted, depending on the model, into a standard current analog output (4-20 mA) and a voltage analog output (0-10 V), or into a digital RS485 Modbus-RTU output, which, then, can be transmitted over long distances with a high immunity to noise.

Hd 2110l Integrating Sound Level Meter – Portable Analyzer

The HD2110L is a precision integrating portable sound level meter, with multiparametric data logging capability, providing both spectral and statistical analysis. The instrument has been designed in order to offer high-performance analysis of acoustic phenomena, with particular regard to legislation on environmental noise. Attention has been paid to the possibility to update the instrument in order to comply with the technical standards evolution. The HD2110L can be integrated with additional options to extend its application range when required; the fi rmware can be updated directly by the user by means of the Noise Studio program provided with the instrument.


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