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We are EYMEN Automation with the seat of the administrative office in Iskenderun and the representative office in Istanbul and Antalya for many years (operating since 1983) is represented on the market of services for rendering the necessary services and qualified repair and maintenance of electro-technical, radio-electronic and navigation equipment on ships arriving at the ports of Turkey.

And we also sell radio-electronic and navigational equipment used on ships and marine stations on the rights of dealers such famous brands as SIMRAD, LOWRANCE, B & G, INTELLIAN, RAYTHEON, ANSCHUTZ, CATHELCO, JRC, FURUNO, JMC, SEIWA and as partners of such companies like RADIOHELLENIC and SORRAC.

  • We are make sale, repair and annual certification for all marine electronic devices like: VDR-S VDR-GYRO-RADAR-ECHO SOUNDER -VHF -SSB -AIS -EPIRB -INMARSAT -AUTOPILOT and NAV-COM & NACOS & MARETRON automation systems.
  • Servicing and testing of radio communication equipment and radio technician survey of Turkish and foreign flag vessels, also servicing and testing of navigation and radio equipments for compliance with the classification and the international maritime rules and regulations and reporting to the related Classification Societies and Authorities:

-         Testing & Certification of AIS (Automatic Identification System)

-         Testing & Certification of EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicator Radio Beacon)

-         Testing & Certification of SART & AIS SART (Search and Rescue Transponder)

-         Testing & Certification of SSA (Ship Security Alert) 

  • Serving magnetic compass adjustment and prepare deviation card of the ships.
  • Maritime consultancy and technical services & inspections:

-         P&I Insurance Condition Surveys

-         H&M Insurance Condition Surveys

-         Pre-purchase inspections

-         On-hire, off-hire surveys

-         Independent Surveys

-         Technical consultancy for marine related activities

-         S&P Sale & Purchase Services

-         Repair / Docking Organization

-         New building consultancy

  • Also we offer the following:

-         Navigational equipment

-         Engine store,

-         Deck store,

-         General supplies,

-         Safety equipment,

-         Fire safety equipment,

-         Life raft & fire cylinders service station,

-         Chemicals,

-         Ship painting,

-         Gas refilling.

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E-Mail : info@eymenltd.com

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